Pumpkin Cafe, mid-March

I worry slightly about the micro-economy of Fortune Green – it seems to be overwhelmingly based on vanity. Recently we’ve seen the opening of nail and hair salons on Fortune Green Road to complement the place doing ‘Brazilians’ a little further down the road.

And it’s not just human vanity. A rather upmarket dog grooming and accessory emporium named ‘Nutts 4 Mutts’ has had me wondering about a shop’s name more than any other since ‘Jews for Jesus’ was doing business on Finchley Road (it genuinely took me a week before realising that the owners just liked dogs a lot; ‘Mutts 4 Nutts’, meanwhile, would presumably a persuasive anti-neutering campaign group).

The Tesco Metro is probably the biggest money spinner (unless I’m vastly underestimating Nutts 4 Mutts’ pulling power) but I’d bet that its turnover would take a significant knock if the 24-hour gym down the road were to close).

All of which is to say that, amidst this mania for self-improvement, I like the fact that Pumpkin nestles in the middle catering for self-indulgence.

I like the fact that it’s got a nice green and orange motif and a clean, warm interior. I like the nice smells that waft out when I cycle past it on my way to work. I like the slightly odd and misspelled breakfast and salad options on the menu (“Electric” – refried beans, hash browns and salsa; “Bingo” – ham, eggs and melted cheese; “Posh” – cucumber, boiled ‘eggcarrots’ and cottage cheese; “Nordick” – salmon, avocado and gerkhins).

Most of all though, I like the fact that they butter the toast for you.

Nat does not like this fact. She prefers to let the toast cool down and spread the butter on then so it doesn’t melt. It was this curio that first got me thinking about putting this blog together. Clearly people need to know these details before heading out or face having their breakfast ruined by soggy/un-pre-buttered toast (delete as appropriate).


So a review of Pumpkin was long overdue. To be honest, having been to a few places around West Hampstead now, the full English – whilst perfectly nice – is not sufficiently special to set it aside from anything else you’ll easily find (details on the ‘at-a-glance’ page). The sausage was of the ‘floury’ variety and there should never be more tomato on the plate than bacon. That said, it comes with a hash brown, which not all do, the beans and egg were lovely and it was pretty sizeable. What’s more, the staff are very friendly, they do two different types of rarebit and it’s a very nice venue to read the paper or watch the news on TV.

If it was open on a Sunday, I’d go there a whole lot more.

Fortune Green residents could do a whole lot worst than pop in whilst their Bichon Frise has a shampoo and set.

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2 Responses to Pumpkin Cafe, mid-March

  1. I am the same regarding toast – prefer to let it cool down. On occasion I deliberately burn the toast slightly first as well. Yes, weird! On a related theme, it annoys me when places heat up a slice of chocolate cake in the microwave, for no apparent reason, by default. Seems to be a silly, modern trend.

  2. Reuben says:

    The full English is ok but the coffee is poor and I think some of the other food is a bit poor. If they did good coffee then I would be in every day.
    Fortune green lacks a good coffee place. Also any idea why it has 2 Japanese restaurants?

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